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  • Frank Rizzi manages Bos Commercial in West Covina and has been in real estate since 1988. Since then, he has made millions for his investors over the last decade.

    With his team of experts, he has built a solid reputation as a responsive expert with in-depth market perspective of a local firm coupled with the sophisticated capabilities of a national company.

    BOS Commercial has positioned itself to handle every aspect of your commercial property
    investment whether it be purchases, management, leasing, renovations, or sale of your property.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager RIGHT NOW


For many, real estate seems like the perfect way to add extra money to their income. They envision the ease of property ownership- a check that arrives promptly each month from agreeable tenants who flawlessly maintain the property, all while they sit back and watch the money flow in. But then reality sets in. Vacant properties, argumentative tenants, emergency calls in the middle of the night, meager returns on the property, assets that eat more money than they produce- these are just a few problems investors are unequipped to deal with. Sound familiar? Here’s why hiring a property manager will save you headaches and will deliver the results you want today.

  • Emergency Phone Call Buffer: Tired of getting those “my drain is clogged!” calls in the middle of the night? With a property manager on your side, those issues are no longer your problem. Property managers will deal with tenant emergencies any day, any time, without bothering you.
  • Dealing With Tenant Disputes: Don’t know how or don’t want to handle disagreeable tenants who fight you for every rent increase, repair charge, or other lease enforcements? Property managers do. They’ll take care of every issue and will act as a liaison between you and squabbling tenants.
  • Screening Tenants: Do you consistently seem to pick bad residents? A property manager can help by screening applicants, choosing the best and most qualified ones, and advise you on how to keep the good tenants year after year.
  • Rent Collection: No more dealing with late rent payments, chasing down tenants who haven’t paid up, or hassling over “the check is in the mail!” claims. Your property manager will collect the rent on time, every time, or will collect late fees from tenants who don’t pay on time.
  • Local Knowledge of Rent Rates: Property owners can worry about charging too much or too little for the area, and often don’t increase rent for long after an increase is due. Property managers know the area, can charge appropriately for your property, and can raise rent, ensuring you’ll make the most out of your properties.
  • Internal Team of Trusted Personnel: Another hassle property owners deal with is contractors trying to overcharge for their services. Not to fear! Property managers have their team of trusted and affordable contractors, brokers, suppliers, and maintenance personnel who will do the job right and will keep the cost to you as low as possible.
  • Knowledge of Lease and Property Laws: Oftentimes, landlords go into the lease drafting process blind. They might miss important disclosures and land in hot water if something goes wrong. Fortunately, property managers know all the tips and tricks of property and lease laws, protecting tenants and saving you hassles later.
  • Inspections and Upkeep: You’d like to think your tenants are minding your property and keeping it in great shape, but that isn’t always the case. Property managers perform regular inspections to make sure your property is being taken care of, and that no unapproved activities are occurring on the property.
  • Easy Evictions: Evictions are a landlord’s worst nightmare, but sometimes they’re necessary. Fortunately, property managers are equipped to deal with evictions and can make the process much smoother.
  • More Time on Your Hands: Property managers take care of all the day-to-day tasks regarding your property, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You spend less time looking after your property, and you have more time to invest in new ones!

If running your property is making you lose sleep at night or you feel you are falling behind, give us a call and we will take your stress and headaches away. Our program is designed to make owning property profitable and enjoyable. We can handle your condos, apartment complexes, single family homes, office, industrial, and retail buildings. We have been in business for over 15 years and manage numerous properties in the Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino County areas. As a full service asset/property management firm, we offer 24/7 emergency contact, eviction and lease enforcement, commercial and residential leasing, accounting and record keeping, maintenance, and construction. Contact us today at 626-339-1000.


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