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Time Shares, Are they worth it? Part I.

I just got back from Cabo San Lucas, and as many of you who may have traveled to Mexico’s Tourist Location, I got bombarded by offers to visit timeshare locations in exchange for free attractions, car rentals, or even cash.  I have been to Mexico several times, so I know the game.  I do own a timeshare that I like a lot and I find it to be a good value.  I am usually staying at 4 or 5 star resorts, for about $550.00 a week.  The place is usually a one or two bedroom condo, not a small hotel room, and located on the beach.  Being that I am an “owner” and I meet the right stereotype of the perfect buyer(married, American, family, & am not in the travel industry), I can usually negotiate the largest incentive plan for the two hours I will be giving up on my vacation.

The typical commission a salesman makes in getting someone to attend a timeshare presentation  is about $500.00.  Knowing this, I will usually request twice this amount in incentives.  I usually end up with about $400-$450, worth of incentives.  I typically will arrange a private fishing trip, a golf outing, a spa treatment for my wife, and a credit to my timeshare services bill. I have been on dozens of boat cruises, meals, island hops, and wilderness adventures all for free.   This is step 1 of the timeshare game.  If the first salesman does not give you what you want, go to the next, these guys would rather only make $25.00 off of you, then make nothing at all.   Remember never ever buy at these meetings, until you finish reading all the parts of this blog.


Does Loopnet Really Help?

Keeping up With the Trend a New Tool in the Toolbox


October 5, 2010

Loopnet has helped me sell, lease, and purchase dozens of properties. I use it as a tool to help me  accomplish my goals with less time and more ease.  Loopnet not only aids a Broker with advertising available listings but also provides property records, property history, tax records, ownership history, mortgage/lender history, and tenant information  to name a few.   

Brokers who fear they are being outsourced by loopnet should consider another profession.  True commercial brokers are professionals in their trade and should know how to evaluate a property, create accurate rent roles and proforma profit and loss statements, know about construction issues that might arise, and stay up to date with any political/legal activities concerning a particular investment.  Aside from these items a Broker’s primary obligation, if representing a seller¸ is to get that property in front of as many eyes as possible. Loopnet, unlike many other listing services helps you do that quick and easily.  Brokerage firms who use to hold listings within their firm, with the hopes to double end a deal, in my opinion are not meeting their fiduciary obligation they swore to when they became brokers.

Great tips If You’re Thinking Of Buying A House in 2010

If you rent, you may have been waiting for the right time to make the switch from renter to home owner, and with the way the market is, there has never been a better time than now to own your own home. When searching, condsider a few of these tips…

Review your Goals

If actually owning the place in which you live or not having to make payments for someone else’s home instead of your own is important to you, then you are headed in the right direction to owning your own home.

What can you afford?

Remember, you need to handle the down payment and closing costs. So make sure that you pick a place that is in within your budget and that your capital is liquid. Make sure you have quick and easy access to your cash ready so you don’t waste any opportunities that may quickly arise.

Know your score!        

Your credit score will determine your ability to qualify for a loan and the interest rate you’ll get on that loan, So make sure it’s accurate! Go to AnnualCreditReport.com to get a free copy of your credit reports from the three credit ratings agencies.. Also, paying down debts can boost your credit scores quickly. Make sure your score is the best that it can be!

Do your research

Are you looking for a House, Condo or Apartment? Do you like The Valley or the beach? Check out open houses and drive through neighborhoods, look at MLS listings, shop around. There is no substitute for being “up to speed” on the market you plan to buy in. You’ll know a good deal when you see one.

Don’t be afraid to get professional help        

Knowledge and experience are a crucial element to making sound financial decisions. For making one of the most important decisions of your life, you should use an agent, use some else’s expertise and experience to benefit you as much as possible.

Go for it! 

Sometimes we feel that we should wait for even more choices or a better deal, but if you see and opportunity, seize it, or someone else will.  People who are fearful of change stay exactly where they are, but those that take action are the ones who take advantage when the occasion arises!